A team approach to solving Africa's Energy Demand

In early 2019 Energy On Call and Power Solutions entered into a strategic venture to use their collective experience, assets, human capital and relationships to better serve the energy needs of customers on the African continent.

The focus was to provide a reliable, flexible and modular rental power solution to business, industry and communities alike. The bespoke approach could be tailored from a single set 20kva unit to multi megawatt installations and independent power production through microgrid energy solutions.

Temporary or additional electricity – for all occasions
If you need temporary power for extra production capacity, maintenance, a shutdown, etc., count on the fast and flexible team of Power Solutions. This blue-chip company offers diesel- and gas-driven generators with the latest technology and required peripherals.

Flexible service all year round
Why you should choose Power Solutions All your requests for power up to 200 MW will be processed using our worldwide experience in temporary power supply in the short and long term. You will always have a personalised turnkey solution for every project. Our motivated team is always ready to assist you all year round, day and night, to ensure you receive the best service.

With a proven pedigree Power Solutions have a fleet of more than 800 generators globally. With mutliple reference sites throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe, Power Solutions converts every challenge into an opportunity.

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